Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Finding Jump Rings In Odd Places

I lose a lot of jump rings, sometimes I knock them off my workspace. Sometimes I drop them. Sometimes I fling them across the room in frustration. So I also find them all over the house. I find them on the floor a lot. I find them in my clothes, in my bra and in my hair. I've found some in my driveway. i even found one in my daughters diaper, not recycled, but still.

Perhaps, i shouldn't have been surprised when I found a jump ring in my sandwich. Or rather in my mouth compliments of my sandwich. I don't know if I happened to fling said ring into the kitchen and it somehow stuck to my peanut butter. Maybe it landed in my hair and fell into the sandwich. Maybe I flung it so hard it flew down the stairs where the cats played with it, thus flinging it into the air at the exact moment i was making sandwiches, so it could land in either my peanut butter or jelly. Maybe I should just be more careful with my rings.

Now I'm going to have to shake out my clothes and hair before preparing food. And keep an eye on those cats.
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