Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Real Crafting Beginning

I finished embroidering a leaf pattern on this apron I've been working on.It's not finished so that's why there's still marks from my embroidery hoop. I bought a really neat starter kit from Sublime Stitching, I'm going to add a cute fairy sitting on a mushroom.

I bought a starter kit because I haven't embroidered in years, which is strange because embroidery was my first craft and started my love/addiction for crafts.

I know I stated before that I first learned to craft when I was 10 and my grandma taught me to crochet, but my abuela told me I was "wrong, wrong, wrong," and to prove this she pulled out my first embroidery sampler, and written in the corner was "Monique, age 6". I gues my 80ish grandmother has a better memory than me, I'm 27 and losing it already.

Anyways, I remember now. My grandma and my abuela took turns watching my sister and I over summer break. I was 6 and I was bored, which I felt the need to express, quit vocally and often. After she had had enough of my whining, my abuela said let me teach you something to keep you entertained.

She said follow me and took me to her forbidden craft room. I loved her craft room, but my sister and I were never allowed in there. And now she was leading me through the door and I was giddy with wonder and excitement. Then she went to this giant metal cabinet, unlocked it and there was a treasure trove of crafting supplies. Fabric, ribbon, buttons, thread, sequins, glitter and plenty I didn't get to see before she grabbed what she needed and closed the door and locked it back up.

She then took a piece of paper and pressed it to a piece of fabric and ironed them. Then she handed me the fabric and there was a cute little unicorn smiling back at me. Abuela pulled out large a box of threads and told me to pick out whatever colors I wanted. I chose pink and purple.

I was then taught a few basic stitches and I sat and I embroidered until my mom came to pick us up. A couple days later I finished the unicorn, then started on a cat followed by a teddy bear.

And I fell in love with crafting. I love to create and tried as many crafts as I could get my hands on. I still do this. I love to learn new things and I love the pride and accomplishment I feel when I create something new.