Jewelry Party

Enjoy a personalized shopping experience
at home with your friends
when you host a fun and easy jewelry home party.

You’ll earn FREE
chainmaille and beaded jewelry
designed and handcrafted by
Monique Gonzalez.

You’ll find jewelry
treasures to keep and gorgeous,
one-of-a-kind gifts to give!
Free gift box for each jewelry item purchased.
Prices begin at $3.
Custom orders welcome!
Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express accepted.
Schedule your Jewelry Home Party today!

Just give me a call or e-mail me:
Tora Jewelry
by Monique Gonzalez
Perris, California
(626) 465-6705

Earn FREE jewelry!

  • At least two people besides the hostess must purchase jewelry for it to be considered a party, and the combined guest total must be at least $100 for her to earn free / discounted jewelry!

15% of your guest total of $800+, or 10% of your guest total of $100-$799.

  • Then she receives discounted / free jewelry equaling 10% of her guests' pre-sales tax total of $100 to $799, or 15% of her guests' pre-sales tax total of $800+. These guest totals do not include the hostess's purchases.

Plus . . . another $10 of free jewelry for each party booked at your party!

  • She receives another $10 of discounted / free jewelry for each party booked that night from her jewelry party (these $10 certificates are redeemable at or after these parties).