Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fun Trip and Awesome Stuff

Last Saturday the family and I went to The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. The kids had so much fun. If you haven't seen their dinosaur encounter show, I encourage you to go, the kids were amazed and loved it. Here's a link to a video of what it is if you haven't heard of it; video. It's basically these really cool lifelike dinosaur puppets that walk around and make noise, amazing.

They also had a pretty neat bug exhibit, we touched some Madagascar hissing cockroaches. There was a replica t-rex skeleton you could put together and a fossil "dig" site for the kids. We had a lot of fun.

I also wanted to mention some awesome perfume I bought from an etsy seller. The shop is called Wiggle Perfume and has the most amazing smelling perfumes. I bought myself 20 samples to figure out which one to buy in a large size. This didn't work out so great as I love them all and still don't know what to buy.

My husband was no help either. This man is insanely picky when it comes to smells and I have barely worn perfume in the past ten years because it's so hard to find something he likes. He loved all the perfumes I ordered, except for maybe two. I think I may have to just order them all and wear a different smell everyday.

I ordered some 27 Men's Fragrance for my hubby and he wants me to thank Wiggle for coming up with this intoxicating scent, since I can't stop sniffing him every time he puts on, which usually get's us all hot bothered and well I'm sure you can guess the rest.

Try out some of the perfumes, you'll love them, trust me.

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