Thursday, December 10, 2009

From My Kitchen

When my husband and I moved in together, seven years ago, and we were still boyfriend and girlfriend, we discovered a little problem, cooking. Well I thought it was a little problem, but it turned out to be a big problem.

Our first apartment was in Colorado, we're both native Californians. We moved out there mid June and just assumed we could BBQ all our meals, and make easy boxed sides. This worked fine until it started to snow hard, I mean really hard, we were literally buried in snow, and couldn't leave our apartment. It was so cold, when we actually braved the frigid weather and tried to BBQ on our tiny balcony, our pathetic BBQ froze and the flame continually went out, not to mention our lack of snow gear meant frozen everything. Have you ever walked out in 15 below weather with a 25 below wind chill and then touched a frozen BBQ? So not fun.

And there we were with a freezer full of meat we didn't know how to cook, not that we had very much to cook with. so for three days we lived on top ramen and steamed frozen vegetables. When we were finally able to leave and walked two blocks in thigh high snow drifts we found our grocery stores roof had caved in. We then had to slosh our way four more blocks to the next nearest store and stocked our pantry(really a box in the corner of the dining area) full of spices and vegetables.

Of course we wore tennis shoes on this walk(did I mention we're from California?) and had to thaw our feet in the store before walking home and repeating the thawing process. Then we stared at this pile of supplies we had braved the snow for and had no idea what to do with it. Thank goodness for the internet, our phones didn't work, but we still had internet and I watched a couple videos and made a pot roast, and a discovery, I love to cook.

That experience was the beginning of my culinary adventure and the last time I cooked something out of a box. My family calls me a food snob, but they love to eat the treats I bring. So here's my latest culinary experiment, marshmallows.

I love to watch Food Network and my favorite show is Good Eats with Alton Brown, so when I decided to make marshmallows I had to see if he had a recipe, he did and you can find it here.

These marshmallows came out awesome! So good, and light and fluffy with an amazing flavor, way better than any store bought marshmallows. I'm planning on giving these out at Christmas with some homemade instant hot cocoa.

On anither note, I finished up my new jens pind linkage wallet chain check it out here, and here's some pics


  1. I saw a recipe for marshmallows the other day: the look fun to make! Jens Pind is one of my favorite weaves. =)

  2. They were fun to make and suprisingly easy, I'm thinking of adding some peppermint extract next time.