Monday, August 10, 2009

Cool New Item

We're a pretty techie family here. We've got our hdtv, our PS3, a couple computers, ipods, etc. But we try not to spend to much money on our obsession, so we buy broken stuff and fix it, we build our computers ourselves.

So a couple weeks ago I replaced the touch screen on my DS and noticed my stylus was lost again. My sons stylus was also lost. My stash of stylus had been depleted and my hubby wasn't sharing his last stylus. after thinking about it I realized we've gone through about 18 of these suckers, and at $8 for three, it's getting pretty expensive.

So of course i thought how can I solve this problem, and how can I use chainmaille to do it? I came up with these:

Now we should never lose another stylus again. Plus they're super cute. Like them? Want one? Buy it here. Now what can I add maille to next?

Tora Jewelry, mailling your world one ring at a time.


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